Couple Welcomes Twin Boys After 10 Years TTC

by - June 24, 2020

Couple Welcomes Twin Boys After 10 Years TTC

A couple from Lynnwood, Washington, shared on Twitter that they recently welcomed their twin boys after 10 years of trying to conceive (TTC).

Stephanie announced on Twitter on June 23 that she and her husband Joel welcomed their twin boys last March 27. 

Born premature at 32 weeks and 5 days, the twins spent more than a month in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Baby Eddie weighed 4lb 1oz upon birth and spent 4 weeks in the NICU, while Baby Sam weighing 2lb 11oz spent 7 weeks.

Couple Welcomes Twin Boys After 10 Years TTC

Both babies are doing well as of this writing and are already at home, and their parents are more than ecstatic about the new additions.

 Babies worth waiting a decade for

Stephanie and Joel have been trying to get pregnant for a decade. 

"The hardest part over the ten years of TTC was watching all our friends have children. The year I found out I had fertility problems, I had 22 friends announce pregnancy," Stephanie shared.

In September 2019, however, they found out that they were finally pregnant—and it's double the blessings with twins!

The couple reported that they did not use any fertility treatments and was able to conceive naturally. 

Couple Welcomes Twin Boys After 10 Years TTC

'Plague babies'

The couple quipped that their boys are "plague babies" after their long ordeal in the NICU amid the pandemic. 

Stephanie further shared:

"My pregnancy was actually really easy. The hardest part was spending March in the hospital with only my husband allowed to visit due to COVID. 

"Then having to wait to introduce the boys to grandparents and aunts and uncles. Some of our family still haven’t met them because we don’t want to take chances."

Couple Welcomes Twin Boys After 10 Years TTC

As a closing note, Stephanie shares the joy of new motherhood:

"I am loving being a new mom. My husband is an amazing dad and we really are doing equal parts to care for these two blessings."

Congratulations to Stephanie and Joel! Truly a very heartwarming and inspiring story!

Images courtesy of SThoen/Twitter

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