Daughter Gives Color Blind Dad the Gift of Color

by - June 25, 2020

Daughter Gives Color Blind Dad the Gift of Color

On Father's Day, Twitter user Mariah (@supatmiaa) shared a heartwarming video of her dad receiving a precious gift from her: color-blind glasses.

In her post, Mariah, from Houston, Texas, said:

"My dads color blind and literally since I can remember he’s talked about wanting the glasses that help the color blind but they’ve always been super expensive. So this Father’s Day I decided to give him the gift of color. I love you so much dad. Happy fathers day. "

The gift of color, from afar

In a follow-up tweet, Mariah shared that she wasn't physically present when the gift was presented to her dad. 

She is currently serving in the US Army and haven't seen her father in over a year.

Her dad's reaction is just the sweetest, purest thing. Mariah shared two follow-up tweets showing her dad's text message and the second part of the video:

In her dad's text message:

"I can see I'm so happens [sic] I can see color makes me cry every time I put them on thank you Mariah."

Sharing the gift of color to everyone

The color-blind glasses were from Pilestone, a specialty eyewear store for color blind people. 

The company was quick to notice Mariah's tweet and responded by offering free color-blind glasses to everyone—and they ship worldwide!

It's so inspiring how kindness ripples and spreads more kindness.

Happy Father's Day to all dads in the world!

Images from @supatmiaa/Twitter

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