Teacher in Tarlac Places Registration Box Outside Home to Ease Online Enrollment

by - June 20, 2020

Teacher in Tarlac Places Registration Box Outside Home to Ease Online Enrollment

A senior high school teacher from Tarlac, Philippines, took initiative in placing a physical registration box outside of her home to ease online enrollment for students without access to Internet or mobile devices.

Teacher Maricor Salvador-Punzalan of Victoria National High School (VNHS) in Tarlac announced on her personal Facebook profile on June 18, 2020, that a registration box is available for students of VNHS who have not been able to register for online classes.

In her post, she instructs her students to get a registration form from the box, fill it up, and then return accordingly:

"Para sa mga mag-aaral ng Victoria National High School na hindi pa nakapagregister online, maari po kayong kumuha ng form at sagutin to, pagkatapos ay ibalik to kung saan kumuha."

'No one should be left behind'

After three weeks following the opening of enrollment for online classes, public school teachers from Tarlac have noticed the low number of registrants, including Teacher Maricor. 

Factors that led to this might be the following:
  • No access to Internet and therefore not aware of the guidelines that students can also manually register
  • No resources to buy Internet load, Wi-Fi gadgets, computers, or mobile devices for online classes due to financial strain
According to the Department of Education (DepEd), learners have the option to access enrollment platforms both online and physical to ensure that no student is ever left behind despite the pandemic.

Teacher Maricor shared the same sentiment, saying "Dapat walang maiwan" (No one should be left behind).

She also added that her colleagues are also doing the same thing to make it convenient for students to register.

Truly, it is so heartwarming to think that teachers go above and beyond their call of duty amid the current health crisis.

Here's to all the teachers not only in the Philippines but also around the globe, who are modern-day heroes no matter the circumstances.

Featured image courtesy of Maricor Salvador-Punzalan/Facebook

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