Toddler with Spina Bifida Does 'Rainbow Walk' for the NHS

by - June 29, 2020

Toddler with Spina Bifida Does 'Rainbow Walk' for the NHS

Daisy Briggs, a 3-year-old with spina bifida and other medical conditions, raised over £20,000 from her 'Rainbow Walk' for the UK National Health Service (NHS).

According to Daisy's Just Giving page, the sweet toddler also has a number of other ailments aside from spinal bifida: she has hydrocephalus, hip dysplasia, and talipes. 

These greatly impair her movement, restricting her to walk around 25 meters at a time with a walking frame.

What's amazing about this story is that on her last 'Rainbow Walk,' Daisy was able to walk independently!

'Rainbow Walk' for the NHS

Daisy's 'Rainbow Walk' took inspiration from Captain Tom Moore's heroic fundraising for the NHS. 

For Daisy's initiative, however, she wore a different color of the rainbow for each day of her walk, thus the aptly named fundraising effort. 

According to her family:

"The NHS have saved Daisy’s life on multiple occasions. We’d love to be able to raise some money for them as a token of our appreciation for everything they have done/do for us and our entire nation."

Daisy's family initially aimed to raise £100 for the NHS before Captain Tom's centennial birthday on April 30. 

Continuing the walk, rain or shine

However, they ended up raising more funds than they could have imagined, and the walk went on for 64 days.

According to a Twitter update, Daisy has not missed a single day of her walk, rain or shine.

Daisy started her walk on April 21 and completed it on Saturday, June 27.

Her walks seemed to have paid off more than what they hoped for, because little by little, Daisy was able to walk unaided.

From her initial 25 meters a day, Daisy was able to walk around 100 meters daily, until she could walk on her own.

"I'm in awe of her," Daisy's mother shares on her Twitter.

Captain Moore's act of kindness has inspired a number of similar efforts, and three children, including Daisy, have joined in the effort to raise funds for charity despite their disabilities.

Truly, kindness ripples to become huge waves! Thank you, Daisy!

Image courtesy of @reabriggs_/Twitter

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