Amazing MS Paint Artist Grandma Turns 90!

by - July 17, 2020

Amazing MS Paint Artist Grandma Turns 90

Concha García Zaera, the grandma who gained Internet popularity because of her stunning artwork using MS Paint, turned 90 last June 12.

Abuelita Concha shared on her Instagram page how she's delighted to celebrate her 90th birthday amid the pandemic.

In her post, it read (translated from Spanish):

"I am very happy, because even though this pandemic has passed today, I am 90 years old and I want to share it with all of you."

Abuelita Concha's rise to fame

Abuelita Concha caught the attention of the world back in 2018, when a Twitter user shared a screenshot of her then newly created Instagram, urging people to follow the amazing grandma's art account.

The tweet said (translated in Spanish):

"Her name is Concha García Zaera (name on Facebook). She is 87 years old, lives in Valencia, and is an ARTIST. It does incredible works with Paint. Publicize this and acknowledge her."

Since then, Abuelita Concha garnered thousands of followers, and to date, she has over 296,000 followers.

The story behind Concha Garcia Zaera's amazing digital art

Abuelita Concha admits that she is an artist by heart. 

Prior to taking her art to MS paint, she used to take oil painting art classes in a local senior care center.

After her husband fell ill, however, she couldn't continue her classes nor go outside more often than she'd like. 

She discovered the wonders of digital art when her husband and children gave her a desktop computer, and that's where she took her artistry moving forward.

The artistic grandmother from Valencia, Spain, said she takes inspiration from postcards and landscapes that her husband used to send to her back in the day.

She does all her artwork on a Windows 7 computer, with just a mouse as her "paintbrush."

She focuses on each detail with care, and that the process of each artwork takes at least two weeks.

She details her digital art process on her Instagram Highlights.

It's truly amazing how Grandma Concha embraced technology and took her talents to the digital world.

Happy birthday to you, Abuelita!

See more of her amazing art here:

Images courtesy of conchagzaera/Instagram

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