Golden-Doodle Pup Joins County Police Academy

by - July 16, 2020

Golden-Doodle Pup Joins County Police Academy

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department announced recently that a golden-doodle puppy named Mac is officially joining their academy.

On June 30, it was announced on Facebook that the adorable pup will become the Frank Bland Regional Training Center's new academy mascot.

"When Mac is old enough, he will accompany our trainees on their runs and help keep them motivated," the post added.

Little Mac is said to be a gift by the academy's graduates (classes 218 and 219).

Memorializing a local hero through Mac the Puppy

What make this story even sweeter is that there is more to Mac's name. 

The puppy is named after local hero Detective Jeremiah MacKay, who was killed on February 12, 2013, in a shootout with a murder suspect. 

The department's tribute to Detective MacKay last February 13, marking the 7th year of his heroic deed, reads:

"Detective Jeremiah Alan MacKay was killed in the line of duty on February 12, 2013, when he and other law enforcement officers were involved in a shootout with a murder suspect. During the gunfire, Jeremiah was fatally wounded . . . His dedication and sacrifice will live forever."

Truly, with Mac's addition to the academy, Detective MacKay's legacy will live furr-ever.

Images courtesy of San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department/Facebook

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