Supportive Husband Promotes Wife's First Ever Hobby

by - July 12, 2020

Supportive Husband Promotes Wife's First Ever Hobby

Reddit user u/Vardalia shared on the subreddit r/happy how proud he is of his wife, who is a stay at home mom, for finally finding a hobby. 

Mike Vardal, the person behind u/Vardalia and the funny dad on YouTube channel Vardalia Onions shared how his wife, Tina, of 15 years never had a hobby and how her shyness has held her back from finding one.

However, Tina finally found a hobby that showcases her strengths: cleaning and video editing.

My wife FINALLY found a hobby and I couldn't be more proud of her 🎉 from r/happy

Inspiring each other

Mike, who shares song parodies and family skits on his YouTube channel, somehow inspired his wife to start her own cleaning motivation channel called Not All That Sparkles Shines and presented it to him as a "surprise."

As of this writing, Tina has 3 videos on her channel.

"I couldn't be more proud of her," Mike says in his post.

He adds, "I just wanted to publically post how proud I am of her for putting herself out there and doing what she truly enjoys (she loves the video editing and marketing)."

Coming out of her shell

Tina relates on her YouTube channel how she is an introvert and that she has been a homemaker and stay-at-home mom for years. 

She adds that "[I] have finally decided to step out of my comfort zone into starting my own channel."

Mike adds in another post: "She really enjoys the video editing process and also making new friends since we have 4 kids and can almost never escape the house without them."

The mom of 4 (3 daughters and 1 son) shares videos of some of her stay-at-home mom routines, including home organizing and decluttering, motherhood, and general family life content.

"This is not just another mommy lifestyle channel, I want to learn about you as well!" Tina says on YouTube.

Proud husband, happy wife

In another subreddit r/homemaking, Mike further shares how happy he is with his wife's accomplishments by sharing her newest cleaning video.

"I am very proud of the good work she has been doing . . . She's very sweet and helps all those in need. Anyways, please don't flame me. I'm just trying to make her happy. She deserves it!"

Other Reddit users were quite touched by Mike's overwhelming support of his wife.

One user said: "With all the bad news I read everyday, this was absolutely amazing to read and made me smile at how happy and supportive you are of her. I want my future husband to be like that someday! All the best!"

Another user commented: "This is beautiful and made me smile, i wish your wife all the best with her channel and i truly aspire to be as supportive of a partner as you."

Supportive Husband Promotes Wife's First Ever Hobby
YouTube screenshot from Not All That Sparkles Shines

It's truly heartwarming to hear of such stories amid all the negativity today. Here's to all husbands who love and support their wives in everything that they do!

Images courtesy of Not All That Sparkles Shines, Vardalia Onions/YouTube Screenshots

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