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About Fill My Cup

Fill My Cup brings you heartwarming news and stories to keep the positivity in your life shining bright!

Fill My Cup is an independent media website based in the Philippines, bringing you good news and heartwarming stories.

Amid the world's general negativity and chaos, Fill My Cup offers you a daily dose of sunshine and a ray of hope.


Fill my cup news - heartwarming stories and happy news

Our Story - Spreading Positivity and Kindness

Fill My Cup was borne out of the founder’s desire to simply focus on the better things in life and as a way of coping with her daily battle with anxiety and depression.

With all the upsetting news we hear every day, Fill My Cup aims to provide even a little ray of hope by highlighting happy news and heartwarming stories to literally “fill” the cup of our readers.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

That’s why it is our vision to help our readers fill their cups by providing you with news and stories that demonstrate the goodness and kindness of humanity.

Get your daily dose of sunshine at www.fillmycupnews.com ☺️

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